Named for a stretch of graffiti art that runs along Washington DC’s oldest public train line, the quartet’s sound has been described several ways by reviewers: “Somewhere between Passion Pit and Frank Ocean (Blisspop)”, “Electro-rock newcomers (Dave Malitz, Washington Post)” and “Very cinematic sounding (Alexis Hauk, Washingtonian)”.

There is a certain house in the District of Columbia named Mousai. For nearly ten years, it’s served as a living space and creative haven for all manner of artist. Free ‘each one teach one’ style instrument lessons, subsequent jam sessions, and serving as a practice and recording studio for bands and solo artists acts based in DC. It is here where Redline Graffiti begins.

Drew Moten (bass, vocals), creator of the group recalls: “I started hanging out there in 2008, because my good friend, and guitarist, Ajene Harley was living there. It was just beautiful. Music all the time. It enveloped me. I took to playing bass and seriously songwriting from then on”. The eclectic milieu that is Mousai went on to bring classically trained jazz drummer, Dante Pope & vocalist, keyboardist, programmer, and producer Donald ‘Donnie Most’ Martin into the equation, the band fully forming in 2011.


More To Come


For Those Who Were/Weren’t There (08.09.16)

Celebrating the Arcelys release. We through a private house party, showcasing some new stuff. Thanks...
August 10, 2016

Watch: Arcelys (Short Film)

Cinematographers: Drew Moten & David McClain Edited by Shaboozey...
December 14, 2012



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