Named for a stretch of graffiti art that runs along Washington DC’s oldest public train line, the quartet’s sound has been described several ways by reviewers: “Somewhere between Passion Pit and Frank Ocean (Blisspop)”, “Electro-rock newcomers (Dave Malitz, Washington Post)” and “Very cinematic sounding (Alexis Hauk, Washingtonian)”.

There is a certain house in the District of Columbia named Mousai. For over five years, it’s served as a living space and creative haven for all manner of artist. Free ‘each one teach one’ style instrument lessons, subsequent jam sessions, and serving as a practice and recording studio for various bands and solo artists based in DC. It is here where Redline Graffiti begins. Drew Moten (bass, vocals), creator of the group recalls: “I started hanging out there in 2008, because my good friend, and guitarist, Ajene Harley was living there. It was just beautiful. Music all the time. It enveloped me. I took to playing bass and seriously songwriting from then on”. The eclectic milieu that is Mousai went on to bring classically trained jazz drummer, Dante Pope, and vocalist, keyboardist, programmer, and producer Donald ‘Donnie Most’ Martin into the equation, the band fully forming in 2011.




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